"...holds the attention of any music fan with just his innovative guitar work."
Nashville Music Guide (Nashville, TN)

"Gagan displays both supremely impressive technical virtuosity and impeccable taste. The man absolutely knows which notes to play to get the feeling he's looking for, and never lets a desire to impress get in the way."
North County Times' Preview (San Diego, CA)

"When it comes to old-fashioned slide guitar, few of Tiger's contemporaries can sing the blues quite like him."
Delusions of Adequacy (www.adequacy.net)

"...some of the tastiest slide-guitar riffs I've heard in a while ...nothing less than a great big cosmic crossroads in the sky."
The Independent (Colorado Springs, CO)

"...one of the best guitarists that I've ever seen!"
LA Rock Review (Los Angeles, CA)

"...Gagan's ideas are nearly always fresh and appealing."
Pasatiempo (Santa Fe, NM)

"Gagan is one of the most creative guitarists in the state."
The MicLine (Albuquerque, NM)

"I greatly enjoy the style of slide playing that Tiger has developed in his own way. Not only is he skilled in his technique -- his truest strength is in his ability to summon imaginative and emotive phrases, spontaneously creating solos that are truly unique and gratifying."
Jerry Donahue, renowned guitarist for the Hellecasters, The Proclaimers, Fairport Convention, etc.

Wild Animal is slide guitar playing at its ferociously fun funnest. Wild Animal is Tiger Gagan's instrumental blues rock surf guitar trio. These songs spell fun for the audience because of electric guitars, usually a Telecaster, with homemade tube amps Tiger builds himself. That's tube amplifiers, old fashioned style. He gets a fine raw sound that's filled with excitement and fun. It's slide guitar, it's electric, it's animal it's ferocious, and it's fun.